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Why Getting an Insurance?

Why Getting an Insurance?

    My friend and senior in my work asked me to attend a free financial wellness from WFMA. I've learned a lot during the seminar though I know myself that I am already moving towards the finance goal I want. Having free assessment about your money and finances are really a plus because it lets you know your true worth as a person. How much you are worth (money worth) though it's funny that you will know how much you are in a family.

    • I am not in no term affiliated with WFMA; this is just a review on what I learned from them with the free finance session we have with their affiliate.

    As we discuss my worth as a person in the family. He taught me everything about the terms and things I must have to live with financial freedom especially on my old age. He mentions that it is much better if I have started early investing for myself. In my age of 30 I am just receiving my education about money. How I wish I started early and how I wish I learn this when I was abroad where all money were easy come and go.
    We focus mainly, as a head of the family I need to invest on things that will help me and my family in case something might happen. See we really don't know when sudden urge of expense come. Aside from saving for an emergency fund He advises me to get an insurance to cover me when I am gone or if I live to long.
    An insurance policy is a tool that will cover you when you died unexpectedly. As a head of the family question arises, what will happen to my family if I am gone? Will somebody takes place to cover my obligation for them? Getting insurance will help me and my family when rainy days come. Surely, this will provide extra peace of mind. What if nothing happen to you and you live too long? An insurance policy will be your retirement benefits or pension. Isn't it nice that aside from other resources you have saved for old age like your SSS it will be additional income. When retirement comes and you are old and sickly, your insurance will at least cover maintenance and medicines.
    So far, another wish list of mine realized through the help of my auntie who sponsored 1 year of my plan. Of course, I have to pay her in the end though it's not hard. I have Philplans Nova 20

    Philplans value on Nova 20

    NOVA PLAN 20 is a twenty (20) years to mature pension plan payable in one or five years that provides you guaranteed Yearly Cash Benefits of five percent (5%) Net of the Pre-Need Price every year for 13 years starting on the 7th until the 19th plan anniversary and return of payment equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the Pre-Need Price upon Full Availment Date. Aside from high returns, you are protected with Credit Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Term

    Protection for your family from the unexpected 

    Credit Life and Disability Benefits-  Waiver of installments due to death or total and permanent disability during the paying period or before the age of 70, whichever comes first.
     Term Life - The beneficiaries will get Term Life Insurance coverage equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the Pre-Need Price if and when the planholder dies due to natural causes during the paying or waiting period or before the age of 70, whichever comes first.
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment  - If the planholder dies during the paying period, the beneficiaries will get triple the coverage with one hundred percent (100%) of the Term Life Insurance coverage and two hundred percent (200%) of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, plus the guaranteed Yearly Cash Benefits and return of payment/maturity benefit equivalent to one hundred sixty five percent (165%) of the Pre-Need Price on the 20th plan anniversary.

    See, I think I am ready to die. I am not endorsing Philplans we all have our own choices on choosing own insurance from Philam Plans, Coco life or Sun life. If you think you don't need this it's your choice too :)

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