Miyerkules, Enero 30, 2013

Blocks and Obstacles Towards Finacial Freedom

Why Getting an Insurance?


I am just starting to build my emergency fund for myself and it seemed everything – everyone is messing up.  One of the greatest obstacles in my life is my own family. I’m such a bad girl for saying this

Yesterday I was building my plans towards saving for my niece’s preschool. Creating her own piggybank to save every penny I have for her things to make it easy for me when that time arrives. Now, here comes my brother who I have invested for over Php. 17,000 for everything he needs because he is applying for work in Saudi Arabia. While they he and his agency had a verbal agreement about the placement fee of 30,000 pesos. I know for them it’s just 30,000 what the heck! It was so unclear to me that they’ve agreed in a thing or two and come up in this squishy situation. Now, it’s me in deep trouble. I felt like all the things that need to be done spank me and pushes me to the wall. I am TRYING so hard to reach my goal and to feel free and so they’re all trapping me. I feel so alone in this situation wherein it should be everybody because we are a family. It’s not my brother fault I know but in my heart I know this won’t happened if he has a will and tried to work his ass out and look for means to pay his agency and not rely to me alone. I feel so bad that if my sister(s) can help us with this.

If only, right now! I can produce the money he need so he can fly. If only I can pay my obligations right now to be free from everything. After that few days from now we need to pay our land taxes. It’s another urgs… can’t say. I asked for my older sister to help me pay for this but she said, "blah blah… blah… just pay for penalty if you can’t pay now."  This is OUR house I’m speaking not mine.

Why God let you exist? Blocks and Obstacles toward financial freedom.

I don’t want to regret that because I start investing in my insurance and in mutual fund that’s why I am feeling deprived of my own money. This is all for my future. I want to see that all my pains will grow in time and it will pay off. Lord, give me some guidance. I am so in deep trouble right now and I don’t know what to do.

Biyernes, Enero 25, 2013

Why Getting an Insurance?

Why Getting an Insurance?

    My friend and senior in my work asked me to attend a free financial wellness from WFMA. I've learned a lot during the seminar though I know myself that I am already moving towards the finance goal I want. Having free assessment about your money and finances are really a plus because it lets you know your true worth as a person. How much you are worth (money worth) though it's funny that you will know how much you are in a family.

    • I am not in no term affiliated with WFMA; this is just a review on what I learned from them with the free finance session we have with their affiliate.

    As we discuss my worth as a person in the family. He taught me everything about the terms and things I must have to live with financial freedom especially on my old age. He mentions that it is much better if I have started early investing for myself. In my age of 30 I am just receiving my education about money. How I wish I started early and how I wish I learn this when I was abroad where all money were easy come and go.
    We focus mainly, as a head of the family I need to invest on things that will help me and my family in case something might happen. See we really don't know when sudden urge of expense come. Aside from saving for an emergency fund He advises me to get an insurance to cover me when I am gone or if I live to long.
    An insurance policy is a tool that will cover you when you died unexpectedly. As a head of the family question arises, what will happen to my family if I am gone? Will somebody takes place to cover my obligation for them? Getting insurance will help me and my family when rainy days come. Surely, this will provide extra peace of mind. What if nothing happen to you and you live too long? An insurance policy will be your retirement benefits or pension. Isn't it nice that aside from other resources you have saved for old age like your SSS it will be additional income. When retirement comes and you are old and sickly, your insurance will at least cover maintenance and medicines.
    So far, another wish list of mine realized through the help of my auntie who sponsored 1 year of my plan. Of course, I have to pay her in the end though it's not hard. I have Philplans Nova 20

    Philplans value on Nova 20

    NOVA PLAN 20 is a twenty (20) years to mature pension plan payable in one or five years that provides you guaranteed Yearly Cash Benefits of five percent (5%) Net of the Pre-Need Price every year for 13 years starting on the 7th until the 19th plan anniversary and return of payment equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the Pre-Need Price upon Full Availment Date. Aside from high returns, you are protected with Credit Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Term

    Protection for your family from the unexpected 

    Credit Life and Disability Benefits-  Waiver of installments due to death or total and permanent disability during the paying period or before the age of 70, whichever comes first.
     Term Life - The beneficiaries will get Term Life Insurance coverage equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the Pre-Need Price if and when the planholder dies due to natural causes during the paying or waiting period or before the age of 70, whichever comes first.
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment  - If the planholder dies during the paying period, the beneficiaries will get triple the coverage with one hundred percent (100%) of the Term Life Insurance coverage and two hundred percent (200%) of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, plus the guaranteed Yearly Cash Benefits and return of payment/maturity benefit equivalent to one hundred sixty five percent (165%) of the Pre-Need Price on the 20th plan anniversary.

    See, I think I am ready to die. I am not endorsing Philplans we all have our own choices on choosing own insurance from Philam Plans, Coco life or Sun life. If you think you don't need this it's your choice too :)

Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Save and Learn First Mutual Fund

I know it's not an excuse if one's salary is just enough to survive. There's a saying that goes like this "If there's a will there's a way". Why not put it into action. Saving a little for now then make it a habit saving until you have it all and reach your target. Remember when we are still a kid our mom taught us to save using alcohol alkansya. Yes, you can still do it. :)

traditional way of savings

I am happy to announce that I have successfully fulfilled my second wish list which is investing in Mutual Funds. Let me explain what mutual fund is. A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment vehicle that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. It can be from PLDT, Meralco, or Oil and Mining Company.

I know saving alone in a bank won't help me grow my money that's why I'm using this tool to help me with my future. Retirement or for my children's education. Since, I don't have children yet maybe "for now" I can use it for my retirement.

I have saved around Php. 5,00O Oh yes you read it right at minimum investment of 5000 you can easily start investing. There are lots of asset manager out there who can help us with this but I chose FAMI - First Metro Asset Management Inc.

Why I choose FAMI as my tool? First of all aside that FAMI offers minimum initial investment of Php 5,000 you can still add up at least 1000 per month. Also, this company is managed by a big bank - Metrobank Philippines.

You can choose multiple plan that is best for you in FAMI. Just go to their website to know more about their portfolio. I chose Save and Learn Equity Fund. It's risky though for you won't know whether the money you invested will win or lose over time.

Happy investing. ^__^

Miyerkules, Enero 16, 2013

Getting a Secured Card

Secured Card

Secured Card from BPI

I applied for a regular credit year ago as an employee's perk but for some reason even it's so called employees perk from Ayala I was declined. Though it’s not really a necessity for me I just want to get one to add to my budget or at least extending it.

What is a Secured Card?

Secured Card offers individual to get a card with collateral just by presenting your ID. No need for other requirements in getting one.

Now, I am planning to get the secured card. I remembered they told me that I need to invest at least 10K to get a card. I think I will go for that since I know even though it’s not a sort of loan from them. I can use the secured card for my budget extension in need thus making my money grow.

The pros for this are I know it’s an investment in my part if I get one not only that my money will grow depending on the % given to a choice of savings or deposits. Thus, if I can pay my debt in time proving my credit score to them I know in time I will receive a regular card for free. If I get the secured card I know I can apply for a different card too from different banks. :) That's when the time I have proven I am a good payer (again).

The cons of this are that my money will be on hold until a given time. Until they've changed my card to a regular credit card and if I can't pay them correctly. My hard earned money will just disappear.

For now, I am happy to get this secured card for myself. :)


Martes, Enero 15, 2013

It's Payday Today!

My Journey towards becoming rich

sweet taste of payday

Today is payday! certainly, I have received my monthly income but of all the person whose receiving monthly income. I am the person who isn't happy. Why? because I have to pay all my debts and my responsibilities. Well, I know in time all these hurting and sacrifices will be fruitful.

Today I pay 999.00 for my internet bill, 5200 for my taxes, electric bill and etc...:'( I also needed to pay the television set that we bought 2 months ago. To my dismay my sister told me I need to cover her up since she just delivered a child and she's not working. :'( really not happy. Why am I feeling dismay? because she can ask her husband to help us since he owned it. tsss! Jesus!

I was not able to pay myself because of these. I am lucky I can skip the groceries today so it can be minus to all the expenses.

Oh why it is very difficult to earn and budget!

Btw, I was not able to make the part time job for rarejob was advised to just try it again after 6 months.

To pull up myself for all these forces. I need to work really hard.

How am I able to do those if I am taking care of somebody's child while Im single and I am working and the care giving is free. Oh!!! I don't know if I am lucky or lucky. Lord help me!

I really love my job right now because I can do all of these, pay for this and that and I am home. I am ever thankful that I am able to get this kind of job though I still need a second one. Lord, thank you because you are making me aware of all the things I need to do to be free. I need to be hurt sometimes... all the times.

Lunes, Enero 7, 2013

Booming Philippine Economy

Take Advantage of Booming Philippine Economy

What's your respond to the booming economy of the Philippines, as we all hear right now Philippines stock market index reaches it peak (at the top) as of January 7, 2013.

We'll as a person who mainly observe these changes to our lives. I know in my heart I want to be a part of these success, but how?

Reading financial books and blogs pushes me on reaching my dreams that I long forget. The first step on these is saving. Funds that you will be needing in the future.
Tyrone of Millionaire Acts says Income - Savings = Expenses not the other way around. Well, me as an ordinary person the principle I have in life right now is Income-Expenses=Savings
(ouch) he's definitely right! I am wrong. I'm definitely in the wrong path and need to change my life directions. Right now, I will put that as a motto in my life so maybe at age of 35 I can be millionaire as he reaches 26 to be a millionaire 0_o

Here's the link to Seven Money Habits of Truly Rich People

I read about the articles and based on what he said there.


. They Value It. The rich treats money with great respect and does not waste it. They know that money is a financial seed that can create wealth and can be used as a lever to achieve more time and financial freedom.

2. They Make It. The rich fabricates the money. They work to learn. The sharper their mind, the easier for them to project enormous earning possibilities at a shorter period of time. Money is just an idea. A simple idea can turn into millions if implemented properly.

3. They Manage It. The rich understands and applies effective cash flow management. They practice a precise budgetary plan for every peso in their possession. They monitor their monthly income and expenses and adjust it accordingly to prioritize more of their needs than their wants. As Warren Buffet says: “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

4. They Save It. The rich believes that a part of what they earn is theirs to keep, which is fundamental for financial literacy. They know that a small amount can turn itself into a substantial sum.

The foundation of wealth is delayed gratification. Spend less than you can afford so you can invest the difference for greater value in the future.

Materialism doesn’t bring happiness but it does keep you from achieving wealth. It will keep you attached to the superficial rather than connecting to the deeper motivation that drives you to achieve wealth.

Don’t be fooled by the consumerism myth that being wealthy is about living a conspicuous lifestyle. Most self-made millionaires live modestly – that is how they built their wealth. As Will Smith says: “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

5. They Invest It. The rich believes in the Law of the Harvest. They plant the wealth-seed, cultivate it, and allow it to leverage more of its kind.

6. They Shield It. The rich safeguards their wealth tightly. They believe that financial wealth is measured not by how much they earn but how much they keep. They insure and preserve their wealth with great caution.

7. They Share It. The rich practice the principle of blessed giving. They share what they have with open hearts. Giving is a money multiplier that adds value to their prosperity a thousand fold. They believe that there is a time for accumulation and a time for distribution. The ultimate purpose of financial wealth is to help others find their own. As Bendixline said: “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

These simple money habits are what set apart those who build wealth from those who just appear wealthy.

There are three C’s of life: Choice, Chance, Change.. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if you want anything to Change. Develop these seven money habits and you will surely become truly rich over time.

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Lunes, Disyembre 24, 2012

New year's Resolution - 2013

I went on impulse buying by getting a new LED tv and it cost around 21,000 (ouch!) since I don’t have the money to pay it cash I have to asked my brother in law if we could use his card instead to buy the new tv. It’s a 0% interest for 12months but if you’ll going to pay it cash it will cost only 19,000! What a big difference right? they said if it'll not hurt your investment for 12 months then go for it. So, eventhough I bought it on impulse I know I still save.

I don’t want to be be locked up on debt. Who would want that!? Btw, here’s whats Im gonna do to free some debt, since paying electric bills is really pain in the ass. I read a lot of blogs about finances and they teach us on how we can be debt free one day. Let’s us be patient and learn to be cheap. According to a website changing the incandescent light to LED lights are much cheaper though LED light price are higher than the incandescent the life span of a LED light will last up to 15 years and not only that it has a 6Watts or lower than the incandescent of 20W or more. You may want to check on the meralco app on how to estimate the cost of a LED per hour.

For my mom medicines I also checked on the generic ones right now. Not only it is affordable they said that it doesnt really hurt the quality of the product compared to the branded ones. And I do save a lot!

Hopefully, I can invest some money in BPI bangko the one Eat Bulaga's endorsing to their tv show. If you'll going to apply and save money the amount of interest right now 2012 per annum is 3% compared to the banks. They also provide free insurance if you'll go 1% per annum yet you are insured for about 250,000 .

I am also investing insurance for my retirement and hope it would help in time. There so much to do for this year. Please cross your fingers for me.