Martes, Enero 15, 2013

It's Payday Today!

My Journey towards becoming rich

sweet taste of payday

Today is payday! certainly, I have received my monthly income but of all the person whose receiving monthly income. I am the person who isn't happy. Why? because I have to pay all my debts and my responsibilities. Well, I know in time all these hurting and sacrifices will be fruitful.

Today I pay 999.00 for my internet bill, 5200 for my taxes, electric bill and etc...:'( I also needed to pay the television set that we bought 2 months ago. To my dismay my sister told me I need to cover her up since she just delivered a child and she's not working. :'( really not happy. Why am I feeling dismay? because she can ask her husband to help us since he owned it. tsss! Jesus!

I was not able to pay myself because of these. I am lucky I can skip the groceries today so it can be minus to all the expenses.

Oh why it is very difficult to earn and budget!

Btw, I was not able to make the part time job for rarejob was advised to just try it again after 6 months.

To pull up myself for all these forces. I need to work really hard.

How am I able to do those if I am taking care of somebody's child while Im single and I am working and the care giving is free. Oh!!! I don't know if I am lucky or lucky. Lord help me!

I really love my job right now because I can do all of these, pay for this and that and I am home. I am ever thankful that I am able to get this kind of job though I still need a second one. Lord, thank you because you are making me aware of all the things I need to do to be free. I need to be hurt sometimes... all the times.

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