Lunes, Disyembre 24, 2012

New year's Resolution - 2013

I went on impulse buying by getting a new LED tv and it cost around 21,000 (ouch!) since I don’t have the money to pay it cash I have to asked my brother in law if we could use his card instead to buy the new tv. It’s a 0% interest for 12months but if you’ll going to pay it cash it will cost only 19,000! What a big difference right? they said if it'll not hurt your investment for 12 months then go for it. So, eventhough I bought it on impulse I know I still save.

I don’t want to be be locked up on debt. Who would want that!? Btw, here’s whats Im gonna do to free some debt, since paying electric bills is really pain in the ass. I read a lot of blogs about finances and they teach us on how we can be debt free one day. Let’s us be patient and learn to be cheap. According to a website changing the incandescent light to LED lights are much cheaper though LED light price are higher than the incandescent the life span of a LED light will last up to 15 years and not only that it has a 6Watts or lower than the incandescent of 20W or more. You may want to check on the meralco app on how to estimate the cost of a LED per hour.

For my mom medicines I also checked on the generic ones right now. Not only it is affordable they said that it doesnt really hurt the quality of the product compared to the branded ones. And I do save a lot!

Hopefully, I can invest some money in BPI bangko the one Eat Bulaga's endorsing to their tv show. If you'll going to apply and save money the amount of interest right now 2012 per annum is 3% compared to the banks. They also provide free insurance if you'll go 1% per annum yet you are insured for about 250,000 .

I am also investing insurance for my retirement and hope it would help in time. There so much to do for this year. Please cross your fingers for me.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 5, 2012

Just In! Up to 70% Off Sale! - Nike AgilityWarehouse ParaƱaque

Nike Agility ParaƱaque Warehouse Sale!!! ♥


  • The Nike Warehouse Sale from December 6 to 16, 2012.
  • Up to 70% OFF on selected items.
  • Items on Sale include Clothes, Gear, Shoes and Accessories.
  • Sale Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Expect long lines. Try to come early.
  • Major Credit Cards are accepted.
  • Available only at the Nike Agility Center in Paranaque.

  • Agility Center, Ninoy Aquino Avenue cor. Multinational Village, Paranaque City