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Save and Learn First Mutual Fund

I know it's not an excuse if one's salary is just enough to survive. There's a saying that goes like this "If there's a will there's a way". Why not put it into action. Saving a little for now then make it a habit saving until you have it all and reach your target. Remember when we are still a kid our mom taught us to save using alcohol alkansya. Yes, you can still do it. :)

traditional way of savings

I am happy to announce that I have successfully fulfilled my second wish list which is investing in Mutual Funds. Let me explain what mutual fund is. A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment vehicle that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. It can be from PLDT, Meralco, or Oil and Mining Company.

I know saving alone in a bank won't help me grow my money that's why I'm using this tool to help me with my future. Retirement or for my children's education. Since, I don't have children yet maybe "for now" I can use it for my retirement.

I have saved around Php. 5,00O Oh yes you read it right at minimum investment of 5000 you can easily start investing. There are lots of asset manager out there who can help us with this but I chose FAMI - First Metro Asset Management Inc.

Why I choose FAMI as my tool? First of all aside that FAMI offers minimum initial investment of Php 5,000 you can still add up at least 1000 per month. Also, this company is managed by a big bank - Metrobank Philippines.

You can choose multiple plan that is best for you in FAMI. Just go to their website to know more about their portfolio. I chose Save and Learn Equity Fund. It's risky though for you won't know whether the money you invested will win or lose over time.

Happy investing. ^__^

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