Miyerkules, Enero 30, 2013

Blocks and Obstacles Towards Finacial Freedom

Why Getting an Insurance?


I am just starting to build my emergency fund for myself and it seemed everything – everyone is messing up.  One of the greatest obstacles in my life is my own family. I’m such a bad girl for saying this

Yesterday I was building my plans towards saving for my niece’s preschool. Creating her own piggybank to save every penny I have for her things to make it easy for me when that time arrives. Now, here comes my brother who I have invested for over Php. 17,000 for everything he needs because he is applying for work in Saudi Arabia. While they he and his agency had a verbal agreement about the placement fee of 30,000 pesos. I know for them it’s just 30,000 what the heck! It was so unclear to me that they’ve agreed in a thing or two and come up in this squishy situation. Now, it’s me in deep trouble. I felt like all the things that need to be done spank me and pushes me to the wall. I am TRYING so hard to reach my goal and to feel free and so they’re all trapping me. I feel so alone in this situation wherein it should be everybody because we are a family. It’s not my brother fault I know but in my heart I know this won’t happened if he has a will and tried to work his ass out and look for means to pay his agency and not rely to me alone. I feel so bad that if my sister(s) can help us with this.

If only, right now! I can produce the money he need so he can fly. If only I can pay my obligations right now to be free from everything. After that few days from now we need to pay our land taxes. It’s another urgs… can’t say. I asked for my older sister to help me pay for this but she said, "blah blah… blah… just pay for penalty if you can’t pay now."  This is OUR house I’m speaking not mine.

Why God let you exist? Blocks and Obstacles toward financial freedom.

I don’t want to regret that because I start investing in my insurance and in mutual fund that’s why I am feeling deprived of my own money. This is all for my future. I want to see that all my pains will grow in time and it will pay off. Lord, give me some guidance. I am so in deep trouble right now and I don’t know what to do.

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