Miyerkules, Disyembre 5, 2012

Just In! Up to 70% Off Sale! - Nike AgilityWarehouse ParaƱaque

Nike Agility ParaƱaque Warehouse Sale!!! ♥


  • The Nike Warehouse Sale from December 6 to 16, 2012.
  • Up to 70% OFF on selected items.
  • Items on Sale include Clothes, Gear, Shoes and Accessories.
  • Sale Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Expect long lines. Try to come early.
  • Major Credit Cards are accepted.
  • Available only at the Nike Agility Center in Paranaque.

  • Agility Center, Ninoy Aquino Avenue cor. Multinational Village, Paranaque City

Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012

MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale 2012

If your hunting for big discounts for gadgets laptops etc like me.

MSI-ECS is having their annual warehouse sale this December 2 - 7, 2012. Prepare to queue in long lines like last year. I suggest you go early to get a number then just just go back in line after lunch. The guard said they give up number as early as 7AM. The warehouse is located at MSI-ECS Bldg., # 3 Economia St., Bagumbayan, QC. Download the complete product list (with discount) of various electronic gadgets at Yugatech's blog.

My New Year Wishlist!

My New year's wish list

It's been years now since I stop blogging. We'll it's a dream for me.  I've done few in the past but wasn't that successfull. Time, work and interest hinders and since I got a new job. Yeah,hmmm.. it doesn't count new because I guess Its an old job turning new.

So, since I'm already 30  all the expenses are coming up. I am finding things that might be helpful with my career and thought of blogging it to share my experience with you.

Saving money. That's my ultimate goal. as I've said I'm 30! I want something really that could save and TRIPLE my investment. Since it's almost the end of 2012. Plans are coming up and I dont know how this wishlist would come true. Crossed Fingers!


    First in deciding for my wish list is to know my worth as a person. Quote it!

    • Since I am the head of the family and my mom, brother and sister rely on me. I need to save for an emergency fund. I know in my situation it’s very hard and quite challenging. Because, I pay everything.  I know saving an emergency fund is a must for future expenses. We can never say when sudden urge of expense come up.
    • Insurance for my Protection. Yep it’s a challenge for me to get one. But I'll surely pursue to have it realized. What if I die too soon or live too long? Of course we have to be positive in getting one. Learn more about getting insurance and get some training for free. WFMA can teach you how to manage your money!
    • Save Electricity. This coming year since the electric bill is a shock for me whenever it arrives. It is in my wish list to change the lightning of our house into LED bulbs. It will save money since the regular bulb at home, in our house each has 20W and an LED lights available in are around 5W. I think it'll worth it! One granted wish so far, I have changed the old refrigerator into new one. Efficiency of course!  Since the old fridge eat up a lot of electric bills and it’s really terrible I need to sell it to the junk shop. I have a new one and it’s Samsung but if you'll take a look of the efficiency of the fridge it guarantees less pay for a ref. So better always look at eff of the fridge whenever you’re planning to get new one. Btw, you can always look Meralco App Calculator for reading your appliance and how much it cost you.
    • Saving in Groceries. This one is really tough. It’s really hard to budget all the needs in the family. Even I already have an excel sheet of list of the products and how much each items in a specific store. It’s seemed that I am always short. Everyday food expenses cost averaging of Php. 250.00 for all 5 adults and 2 kids. I wish I have a partner to help me with the expenses. My sister has her own family and she left me with all the expenses and I still feed them. L

    Looking for Coupons is one of my resorts in saving for grocery but here in Philippines coupons are very limited. In United States couponing is really a good way in savings. Here in the Philippines. We're getting there. We can also find good deals over the internet there's or any group buying sites that gives amazing discounts to us! Furthermore, I just grab those restaurant coupons in the mall so I can save a little when eating out with the kids.

    • Mutual Funds.  With the booming economy I will take advantage now into adding an investment through Mutual Funds. Some banks offer this kind of investment instead of just saving it in banks. It will give you more returns than the interest of 1% quarterly in banks! Take advantage of  FAMI (Metrobank) or PAMI (Philam Funds)


    That’s basically it for my plans this coming year. I know it’s quite challenging but I know in the end it all worth it! Happy New Year!